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Below is a cross section of episodes from our show on Business Innovator’s Radio.

Oscar Garcia, CEO, and Founder of Uulala Mobile App and Financial Services platform discusses the path to financial inclusion for the under and unbanked Latino demographics across the US, Mexico, and the Americas.
Uulala is a mission driven organization to facilitate and accelerate financial inclusion of the under-banked and unbanked population across the Americas. Uulala empowers the under-banked populations of the world by providing access to the financial tools they need and the entertainment they desire.

Murtaza Khan and Adnan Naeem, Co-Founders of Etherty, a blockchain based platform that is poised to disrupt the real estate industry around the globe.Etherty is scheduled to launch via an ICO on December 25th.

The Etherty platform for the buying, selling and global trading of properties – from first-time buyers to seasoned or new investors for as little as $1000 USD.

ICO information

Sparkle Coin CEO Victor Wong discusses the Sparkle Coin ICO, their three company ecosphere, their liquid token and completed blockchain product.

Sparkle Coin is still in ICO and has more than doubled in value, learn how the market is driving Sparkle Coin’s value.

Sparkle Coin ICO

Armando Pantoja and Chad Kettering, Co-Founders of HireMatch, a blockchain based decentralized application that is poised to disrupt the recruiting industry around the globe. HireMatch is scheduled to launch via an ICO on October 1st.

The HireMatch token reduces the cost to acquire new employees by removing unnecessary friction and creating a more efficient marketplace by providing crowdsourced labor an incentive to find, verify and submit candidates to job listings.

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Allan Christian, Senior International Trade Specialist with the US Department of Commerce, US Commercial Service Division, discusses best practices for exporting success. Allan reveals ways to connect with international buyers, how to prepare to meet with those buyers and how to pitch your product. We discuss resources available to companies who are looking to expand their markets beyond our borders.

Listen in to gain some insight on what pitfalls to avoid when beginning to export. Also be sure to listen when Allan reveals his favorite hiking spot in the Pacific NorthWest.

Deborah Castillero, CEO & Founder of BCE, Bilingual Children’s Enterprises, an app development company that helps children that are English language learners. Their most recent app to launch is Care Bears & Amigos in NYC available on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Deborah discusses some pitfalls to avoid as an entrepreneur, some hacks she used to gain access to conferences and influencers as well as the future she wants to play in mentoring women of color in tech.

Jon Marshall Founded Innovation Frameworks in 2003. Prior to this, he was Director of the Innovation and Productivity Center at NW Food Processors Association from 2010 to 2014, teaching innovation to companies in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. He returned to lead Innovation Frameworks full time in 2014. Along with this company, in 2016 Jon founded Oregon Innovation Alliance, a benefit company supporting Oregon’s innovation culture. In this episode, we discuss the different innovation pathways senior leaders take to set up their organization for the future. 

Inthran Jeyaratnam, a Senior HR Manager with TPD, an international Workforce and HR Solutions company, discusses gaps in workforce compliance. Most businesses are one lawsuit from getting shut down, having proper employment policies and procedures in place are the keystone to business compliance success. Is your company compliant with up to date bullying and harassment policies and training?